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I want to congratulate you for making it here and taking the first step toward planning for everyone and everything you love. I cherish the opportunity to help you secure what you love.
I look forward to learning your story, hearing what matters to you, and helping you discover what's actually needed to keep your loved ones out of court and out of conflict when something happens to you (or them).​
​In one sentence, we help families and businesses avoid collapse after the death or disability of a loved one or business partner.
​To find out more about how you can start on this important planning, ​you are invited to one of our upcoming events (​check out the schedule below).
Or​ schedule your FREE 15-minute phone consultation and speak with us personally about your family ​or your business.
If you are ready to jump right in and get going, you can schedule right online by clicking here.
You will see a few options when you click to schedule online. For a consultation focused on your family, schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session. For a consultation focused on your business, schedule your LIFT Your Life And Business Planning Session.

That is totally fine. It is normal to feel a little uneasy about estate planning and business planning.

Matt Meuli

​LIFT your business to the next level with solid ​Legal, ​Insurance, ​Financial and ​Tax foundations + a trusted advisor to guide you.​

Many of our happiest clients started just where you are right now. But when they read the best selling book on estate planning for families, Wear Clean Underwear (I know, it's a funny name, right?), they felt more at ease, educated and informed about this important planning than they ever had before.
And they love the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is set up the right way for themselves, their future, their loved ones, and their business.
I would love to send you a copy of ​Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly – and Essential – Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Families for ​FREE as my gift to you for considering working with me.
Simply click here ​to request your free copy and it will immediately arrive in your inbox.
It's called "Wear Clean Underwear" because your mom always told you to wear clean underwear in case you were in an accident. But once you are a parent, there are important legal planning steps you need to take as well. By the way, the book gets 4.4 stars on Amazon.
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How to keep your family out of court and out of conflict

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Happy Clients

Braden Garrett

"When I think of a lawyer, I sure wouldn't think of Matt Meuli! Matt embodies everything you'd want in someone on your side - he's not a stereotypical lawyer! Matt cares deeply about his clients and is on a personal basis with everyone! He's not the kind of person who is "in and out" of your business, as so many do in his profession! He is a trusted Business Coach, and Estate Planner! These things being his focus, he must maintain a great personal and working relationship with his clients! But he doesn't just do that because he has to in order to do a great job; Matt is invested in every one of his clients and will work personally with them to help achieve their business or estate goals! Not only that, but Matt is committed to ongoing follow up and any necessary adjustments, so you won't ever have to worry down the road! I highly recommend Matt Meuli, Your Trusted Planner, and Meuli Law Office for all your business and estate planning needs!"

Braden Garrett

Glen and Gracie Betts

My wife and I are very grateful for the careful explanation of the value of having our estate plan in place. Matt Meuli patiently answered all of our questions and made sure we had all the information we needed.

We highly recommend Meuli Law Office for your estate planning needs. Now our beneficiaries will be in great hands and not have to struggle through so many unknowns.

Timothy Ackerman

"Great firm to work with, super nice down to earth people!"

Timothy Ackerman

Have Kids At Home?

Then You Need To Name Legal Guardians. Do It Here For Free.

If you have children, you likely worry about what would happen to them if something happens to you.

At the very least, you want to name legal guardians to care for them for the long-term. And it needs to be done legally.

So we have created a website to make it easy for you. You can ​name guardians for your kids for free. 

Once you name guardians for your kids, you will rest easy at night knowing for sure… What would happen to your kids if something were to happen to you?

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